At Boxer Communications, we will show you how to empower your workforce and maximise productivity by giving them instant access to data and applications wherever they are and enable seamless connection and collaboration with colleagues and customers.

Mobile Plans & Offers

Telstra has plans and options to suit every business, regardless of size or type of operation. While some will get you connected with instant deployment, others can be tailored to suit your specialised communications needs. Rather that provide "Whole of Business" sales staff, your Boxer Communications consultant is part of an accomplished and experienced team of specialists who can hone in your specific telecommunications requirements to provide an accurate, fully customised solution, based on a detailed account audit of your actual usage.

Your Mobile Voice Plan is the key starting point. By ensuring that your overarching mobility strategy is seamless, easy to manage, scalable and commercially beneficial, we can then help you to focus on other key areas to further improve efficiency and productivity.

Mobile Fleet Management

The cost of internally managing your fleet of mobile devices can really add up. Boxer Communications “Mobile Fleet Management” solution will take the pressure off of your internal IT desks, business analysts and procurement and administration officers. It’s an efficient and cost effective option that will help you maximise productivity.

This includes:

  • Setup and Roll out of Mobile Devices
  • Online Ordering – with a range of tailored plans and accessory packs based on your company profile
  • Mobile Device Management - including set-up and configuration services in conjunction with Telstra Mobile Device Management (T-MDM) – this helps to enforce organisation security, policy and profile requirements and ensure end user compliance.
  • Ongoing Helpdesk and Support services from our Sydney based support staff
  • Billing (utilising Telstra's T-Analyst platform) and Expense Management services - Cost Centre, Project, and Manager Level breakdown of charges. Executive Dashboard view for a quick health check to ensure your account is in order. We can also provide setup and training services for Telstra's T-Analyst platform should you prefer to manage your own expenses
  • Account review and analysis - to keep on top of your spend, minimise excess charges and ensure you are getting optimum value for your money

Mobile Business Applications

As an integral part of your mobile strategy, Telstra's range of Mobile Business Applications or Apps, will help you save costs, build a competitive advantage, increase customer satisfaction, improve workplace health and safety, and provide real-time visibility of business processes. However, with more than over 1.6mil Apps available via Google Play and 1.5mil Apps available via Apple App Store, selecting and implementing the right mix of aps for your business can be confusing.

The accredited and professional staff in our Mobile Application consultancy can advise on business strategy, make recommendations on application adoption, as well as assisting with for set-up, configuration, integration and training to ensure a successful roll-out of Mobile Business Applications throughout your organisation.

Just to list a few Apps

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