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Telstra Internet Direct

When ADSL just won’t do, you’ll find that Telstra Internet Direct, a secure, high-performance internet service with exceptional availability and scalability, will provide the solution you are looking for. It is designed to support business-critical operations and provide a consistent, quality experience for your staff and customers. With Telstra Internet Direct, you have a dedicated, carrier-grade link to one of the largest internet backbones in Australia – providing greater national coverage – as well as the global internet. The high capacity network has full redundancy and inbuilt security, backed by proactive monitoring and management. You also have the assurance of 24/7 helpdesk support and an online portal that lets you view, troubleshoot and manage your service.

Telstra Cloud Solutions

There’s little doubt that being “in the cloud” is shaping up as one of the internet’s most practical business solutions. Cloud Services can help you improve staff collaboration, enable a mobile workforce, find innovative ways to reach your customers and transform your IT environment.

There are a wide range of factors to consider when you are considering what is best for your business. Public cloud services give you access to processing power and storage in enterprise-grade data centres. You can increase or decrease the resources you use via a web portal and nominate which of that cloud provider’s data centres your workloads will run in. Private cloud solutions let you configure dedicated hardware to your specific requirements and have data hosted in Telstra partner data centres, or your own.

At Boxer Communications we can introduce you to a range of world-leading, ready-to-use Telstra cloud services underpinned by Australia’s largest and most reliable network, and create, deploy and manage a cloud solution that is right for your business.


Connect IP & Business IP

Boxer Communications can show you how to streamline your voice, data and IT infrastructure and avoid the risk and cost of building, maintaining and managing your own wide area network by connecting your business with Telstra. Telstra’s world-class wired and wireless networks and sophisticated data networking capabilities provide reliable and secure data connectivity to help you work more efficiently and reduce your communication costs.

Telstra’s Wide Area Networking solution, IP WAN, Connect IP, provides a national, end-to-end, fully managed private IP/MPLS solution that runs over one of Australia’s largest fully integrated national IP networks – using the Telstra Next IP network and Telstra mobile network. This robust platform increases network reliability and security with the application performance to improve the way your organisation works. And Telstra Support provides the convenience of one point of contact and a single, all-inclusive response and restore Service Level Agreement for each of your Connect IP services

Telstra Businesses takes advantage of a corporate-grade private IP network with a simple, cost-effective pricing package. With Business IP, you have the option to leverage your existing hardware to take advantage of one of Australia’s largest fully integrated national IP networks – the Telstra Next IP network and the Telstra mobile network.

Telstra Business IP is an economical way to migrate from a traditional data network, or establish a new business network, without the need to deploy vast resources in buildings and maintaining your own private IP solution. It is perfectly suited for smaller businesses and larger organisations that need extra flexibility or have more complex networking requirements.

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