Top 6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App

September 29, 2017

According to statistics, the number of smartphone users in the world is forecast to reach 2.53 billion in 2018, and the number of smartphone users in Australia is estimated to reach 17.35 million by that time. If this data isn’t convincing enough about the necessity of creating a mobile app for your business, read on to find more reasons to do so. If you think that mobile apps are solely for big name brands like Target and Commonwealth Bank, you are wrong. More and more midsize and small businesses are following this trend, understanding that an effective mobile strategy involves more than just a mobile-friendly website.

top 6 reasons business needs mobile app

It seems in fact that more and more businesses are looking to capitalise on this growing mobile trend by developing an application of their own, but how could your business really benefit? Well considering over 70% of people in the Australia will own a smartphone by 2018 and download applications on a regular basis, you could potentially be missing out on a fair big amount of business.

So if you’re interested in joining the mobile app train, here are six great reasons why you should launch a mobile app for your business:

  1. Follow the trend

The big players on the tech market have long ago realised the mobile app business benefits. They put all efforts to provide innovative mobile experiences to its users and ensure the future growth. So, follow their example and grasp the opportunity to provide a seamless experience to your users.


  1. Be available for your customers

It would be a great mistake to suppose that only big companies need mobile apps developed for them. On the contrary, it is a promising area for small businesses where you can set yourself apart and get much closer to your customers by being available right on their mobile device.


  1. Enhance your brand

By creating an app for small business, you make a leap towards improving brand recognition. Even if your users don’t interact with your app directly, they see the icon when scrolling down their list of apps, and in such a way they are reminded of your company. This puts your brand into future customers subconscious and helps them make the choice in your favour. Moreover, if your app does make the lives of its users a bit better, this adds points to your brand as well.


  1. Engage with your customers

Mobile apps receive a higher level of engagement than regular websites, so it is your opportunity to promote your products or services, highlight special deals, offer discounts etc. This is also an excellent chance of helping customers reach you – for instance, creating an online form instead of having them make a call.


  1. Provide value to your customers

You can increase the effectiveness of your products or services through the mobile app. For instance, suggesting the nearest outlet based on a user’s location, introducing an in-app reward program, offering tailored specials for app users etc. If you succeed – new clients will come to you, and exciting clients will return more often.


  1. Get to know your audience better

One of the benefits that mobile app gives for business is an ability to collect valuable information about the customers. This data will give you a deeper insight into customer demographics, you will be able to determine the most – and least profitable user segments, understand their needs and later on use this info to enhance the product/service.


Now you know why a mobile app is indispensable for your business. And even if your needs don’t go further than e-commerce app development, there are still ways to make your app stand apart and use it as the perfect means of creating a sincere connection with your customers and making them true fans of your product or service.


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